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Unfortunately sometimes despite our investment in health, safety accidents and incidents do occur, when this happens it is prudent that as an organisation we ensure it doesn’t happen again.


At Safe-T-Group we provide a reactive monitoring and workplace accident and incident investigation service. The information gathered from our investigation could be helpful in protecting your business should you have intervention from a compensation claim or the enforcement authorities such as the HSA.

The advantages to an accident carried out by an external party is that it will offer an non-bias objective view and bring a fresh perspective to problem solving.

Where accidents have resulted in injuries, illness, property damage or near misses, we identify root causes and make practical recommendations.

Following our investigation, the report will highlight the cause of an accident and identify any failings of the health and safety management system. Accident investigation reports may be used to defend legal action against your organisation as they show that you are actively trying to reduce the possibility of re-occurrences.

Our highly experienced investigators have a wide range of knowledge in the safety industry.

We carry out our accident investigations using the following steps

1. Inspect the accident/incident location and review the relevant evidence. Where possible keep the scene preserved until we arrive onsite.
2. Review the site health and safety documentation in relation to the accident/incident
3. Interview and take witness statements.
4. Interview the injured parties
5. Prepare a full report identifying the root causes of the accident/incident and include any recommendations to help prevent any reoccurrences in the future.

Information and insights gained from an investigation

An understanding of how and why things went wrong.
An understanding of the ways people can be exposed to substances or conditions that may affect their health.
A true snapshot of what really happens and how work is really done. (Workers may find short cuts to make their work easier or quicker and may ignore rules. You need to be aware of this.)
Identifying deficiencies in your risk control management, which will enable you to improve your management of risk in the future and to learn lessons which will be applicable to other parts of your organisation.

Benefits arising from an investigation

The prevention of further similar adverse events.
The prevention of business losses due to disruption, stoppage, lost orders and the costs of criminal and civil legal actions.
An improvement in employee morale and attitude towards health and safety. Employees will be more cooperative in implementing new safety precautions if they were involved in the decision and they can see that problems are dealt with.
The development of managerial skills which can be readily applied to other areas of the organisation.


The health risks of working at a poorly-designed DSE workstation include:

Musculoskeletal disorders (injuries and disorders affecting muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels)
Repetitive strain injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis)
Work Related upper limb disorders (shoulders and neck)
Back pain
Visual fatigue
Mental stress


Safe-T-Group consultants will carry out onsite display screen risk assessments and report any improvements needed to ensure greater employee comfort, reduce their risk of injury and productivity for the company.

Strictest confidentiality is assured by Safe-T-Group in all our services.

All our consultants are highly trained and have industry experience which enables us to give our clients the best practical advice to keep your business safe and legally compliant. We also offer retained safety advisor services which can enable companies to have access to competent advice without having the cost of a full time employee on the books.

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