Defibtech Defibrillator

Defibtech Lifeline AEDs offer industry-leading innovation, simplicity, and elegance. They are so easy to use, virtually anyone can quickly and effectively use a Defibtech AED to help save a life.


Defibtech designed its revolutionary semi- automatic external defibrillator from the ground up. Developed by experienced multidisciplinary engineering teams, the Lifeline AED incorporates state-of-the-art digital signal processing techniques and advanced ECG analysis algorithms. This enables the device to exceed the American Heart Association performance recommendations, giving the user confidence the correct therapy is being delivered.


In the event of a cardiac arrest, defibrillation using an AED within three minutes can increase survival rates from less than 8 percent to more than 70 percent. The Lifeline AED includes all mission critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest and uses biphasic technology, allowing it to automatically adjust the shock delivery to the person’s individual needs. Deployments include workplaces, government buildings, airports and aircraft, rail stations and trains, educational institutions, malls, factories, emergency vehicles, healthcare facilities, resorts, arenas, and marine vessels. More than a quarter- million units have been shipped worldwide.

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